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Different Types of nut bolts and their Uses

In any project, one of the most important fasteners is a nut and bolt. Nut bolts are used as fasteners in different equipment, spare part, automobile etc. These fasteners are dimension specific and they can hold the product together for years together.

But you must choose reliable Nut bolt providers who can supply fasteners that are durable and made from the best quality material. There are many types of nut bolts and each has its specific use in different industries.

Reasons that make nut bolts reliable fasteners:

  • It is very easy to install and uninstall the nut bolts. You do not have to use any rocket science for assembling these fasteners.
  • They can withstand high loads and if they become lose you can tighten them easily.
  • If you make use of nut bolts made from good quality material like steel then they do corrode easily.
  • No heat treatment is needed for the installation and the removal of the nut and bolts.
  • Nuts and bolts are a highly versatile fastener option and they are available at affordable rates.

Different types of nut and bolt and their uses:

For connecting non-structural as well as structural aspects to concrete Anchor Fastener Bolt is used. A hole that is a bit bigger than the fastener is drilled in the base material and then these bolts are fitted in the hole.

The Flange Nut Bolt can cover a larger surface area as it has a bulging rim. These bolts are mainly used in those fastening applications that have oversized holes. Stud Bolts are used in applications where high-pressure bolting is needed. It is mainly used in industries like petrochemical refining, pipelines etc.

The Unbrako Nut Bolt are high tensile fasteners and are considered to be a benchmark in quality and safety. In piping systems, the Steel U Bolts are used. This Bolt Nut is used in pipes through which liquids or gases pass.

If you are looking for a durable nut and bolt that needs low maintenance then you have to choose Hot Dip Galvanized Button Head Bolt with Nut. Compared to nuts and bolts without any coating, these fasteners can withstand corrosion for a longer time.

In manufacturing and construction work Stainless Steel Nuts are used on a large scale. This is because these fasteners do not get tarnished easily.


Nuts and bolts are used in almost every industry and they are one of the most reliable fasteners. There is a wide range of nut and bolt and one needs to choose based on the application and budget. There are high-quality nuts and bolts like galvanized nut bolts that do not corrode easily and have a long life.

If you have a bulk requirement of nut and bolt then you need to get in touch with Nut Bolt dealers. is a reliable Nut Bolt Dealer in Mumbai where you can find quality fasteners.

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