Brass Hose Tee

Brass Hose Tee

Product Details:

Size3/4 inch
ApplicationHose Pipe Connection

Brass Hose Barb Tee Description:

  • We also offer gardening brass equipments like Male Hose Barb Nipple, Male Hose Barb Nipple, Hose Barb Nipple To FPT, Hose Barb Elbow Forged, Elbow Hose Barb to MPT, Hose Barb Spicer, Female Hose Barb
  • Manufactured as per material compositions required by the buyer.
  • There are various shapes and sizes.
  • Items available in SAE, BS, AS, ANSI and DIN standards as per buyers requirement.
  • Design is Push-on type.
  • Compatible with copper, brass or iron pipe.
  • Use with plastic , rubber hose and tubing.
  • Working pressure will meet with plastic tubing.
  • Excellent vibration characteristics.
  • Economical, Low Cost, Range is very wide, Easy to assemble, Long or short nuts are provided as per demand.

Common Terms:

  • MGH: Male Garden Hose
  • FGH: Female Garden Hose
  • MPT: Male Pipe Thread
  • FPT: Female Pipe Thread
  • O.D. Outside diameter of pipe
  • HT: Hose threads
  • Barb: Barbed fitting

Brass Hose Tee

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