Screw Jack with Double Side Flange

Screw Jack with Double Side Flange

Product Details:

Centering hole with diameter12mm
Surface treatmentPolished
Slot width22 mm



  • Centering hole with diameter 12mm.
  • We provide more area for base in order to recompense for height.
  • Our Spindle: is made of Carbon Steel with Trapezoidal Thread.
  • We offer Housing with High Tensile SG IRON.
  • To ensure safe location of U-clamps we offer pads with P Code P911-8/14 as well as 9/26


  • Centering hole dia 12mm.
  • More base area provided to compensate for height.
  • Spindle: carbon steel trapezoidal thread.
  • Housing: high tensile sg iron.
  • Pads code p911-8/14 and 9/26 can be used for safe locating of u- clamps


Code ds911Range h1 h2Barrel diaSlot widthBaseStatic load-knWt. Kg.Std. Pkg.
ds911-1200-320502290×160404. 00002
ds911-2320-550502290×160255. 45002

Screw Jack with Double Side Flange

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