Oil Seal Witon

Oil Seal Witon

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Oil Seal Kit

Oil Seal Witon


Focus on the All-Rubber Construction and Its Versatility:

This Fully Rubberized Oil Seal Witon Is the Industry’s Go-To for a Reason. Its Durable, All-Encompassing Rubber Construction (See Image) Provides Excellent Resistance to a Wide Range of Challenges,


  • Thermal Cycling: the Rubber Can Handle Repeated Heating and Cooling Without Degrading, Ensuring Long-Lasting Performance.
  • High Temperatures: Depending on the Specific Rubber Compound, These Seals Can Withstand Extreme Temperatures, Making Them Suitable for Demanding Applications.
  • Chemical Resistance: Different Rubber Types Offer Varying Degrees of Resistance to Various Chemicals, Allowing You to Choose the Perfect Seal for Your Specific Needs.
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