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An overview of different types of ball bearings

Ball bearings are today an integral part of our lives. From consumer goods like skateboards to large industrial applications like aerospace we need ball bearings. These bearings help to reduce friction and they help in the smooth working of the tool or machine.

But using the best quality ball bearing is important if one wants to get the best results. This is the reason that people prefer to depend on NTN Ball Bearing providers. The NTN ball bearings are the best in the industry.

A quick look at the important features of ball bearings:

  • Ball bearings are considered to be highly reliable.
  • During the machine operation, these ball bearings help to reduce friction and they also help in reducing noise levels.
  • Ball bearings are durable and they can withstand wear and tear.
  • They do not require a lot of lubrication. But at the same time keep in mind that lubricating the ball bearings needs to be done as and when required.
  • Ball bearings are available at affordable rates.

You can get the best results when you use a reliable brand like NTN. You can get these ball bearings from NTN Ball Bearing dealers.

Different types of ball bearings and their uses:

The Thrust Ball Bearings are used in automotive applications that require high speed. They are also used in heavy-duty machines, turbines, industrial machinery, mining and construction etc.

Industrial Ball Bearings are very important for motion applications. You can find these bearings in pumps, motors, compressors, hydroelectric power plants etc.

In places where along with radial forces high axial forces have to be transferred there, angular contact ball bearings are used.

The Spherical Roller Bearing is used in an environment that is highly demanding. These ball bearings are used in places where the running conditions are tough. This is the reason that these bearings are used in heavy machinery like conveyors, shakers, vibrators etc.

For those applications where high precision is needed, you have to choose the Precision Ball Bearings. These ball bearings are used in aerospace, robotics, health, machine tools etc.

You can get the ball bearings as per your application and requirement from the NTN Ball Bearing providers. NTN has a vast range of ball bearings and one can get these from their authorized distributor.


There are different types of ball bearings and one needs to choose the ball bearing based on the application. For example in industries like robotics and health precision is very important. This is the reason that precision-type ball bearings are used in this industry. Similarly in high-demanding applications, spherical roller-type ball bearings are used. The thrust bearings are used in applications where high speed is needed.

If you require ball bearings from one of the most reliable brands like NTN then you have to connect with Labdhibearing.com. They are a reliable NTN Ball Bearing Dealer in Mumbai and they have a wide range of ball bearings.

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