Manufacturing of Hand Tools Products

An overview of different types of hand-tool products

These days a varied range of power tools are available for fast operation, but even then hand tools are used on a wide scale. This is because they are easy to use and they also prove to be a cost-effective option as compared to electric tools. Considering its increasing demand, many leading companies involved in the Manufacturing of Hand Tools Products start designing them on a large scale.

Take a look at some of the common hand tools:

Hand tools are available in different categories based on their functionality. Have a look at a few of the most common hand tools:

  • Hammers are one of the most common hand tools which are made from good quality tool steel and this tool is useful to apply a high force to a small area. There are different types of hammers like ball peen hammers, cross peen hammers, and straight peen hammers.
  • The second common hand tool is screwdrivers and the blades of the screwdrivers are of different lengths and widths. For turning bolts, pipes, nuts, etc. wrenches are used. There are different types of wrenches like the open end, closed-end and adjustable wrenches.
  • For holding the workpiece in place bench vise is used.
  • For sawing, purpose hacksaw saws are used.

These are some of the common types of hand tools and to get the best quality hand tools it is important to connect with a company that is known for Manufacturing of Hand Tools Products of superior quality.

Check out the benefits of hand tools:

Hand tools are designed to carry out an operation manually.  A craftsman can use this tool with his hand in chiseling, chopping, sawing, and other manual operation. Reasons for choosing hand tools for such kind of work are as follows:

  • These are light weighted tools that can be easily carried anywhere
  • High-precision tools
  • The operation of the hand tool has to be carried out manually.
  • As the working of these tools is in your hand, it proves to be a better and safer option than power tools.
  • It is easy to handle
  • These are cost-effective as compared to power tools

Purchasing a hand tool depends on your requirement. But honestly, if you are a good craftsman, you definitely have a combination of hand tools and power tools in your kit.

Connect with Labdhi Engineering Company for durable hand tool products:

Those of you who make no compromises with the product quality must get in touch with Labdhi Engineering Company. It is a widely-acclaimed company engaged in the Manufacturing of Hand Tools Products using quality-tested materials. Just share your requirement like which hand tools you need and the quantity, etc. to get the quotation for the same.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the finest hand tool products at the finest rates from the reputed manufacturer of hand tools. Open their website to get detailed information about the hand tools and their prices.

ball bearing

Manufacturers & Suppliers of Ball Bearings in India

Ball bearings refer to a rolling-element bearing in which balls are used to maintain the separation between the bearing races. These are basically machinery components, which comprise of inner ring, outer ring, retainers, balls, shields, and snap rings in small-sized bearing blocks. If you want to purchase ball bearings of excellent quality, the best option is to contact the authentic manufacturers and suppliers of Ball Bearings in India.

Want to avail Ball Bearings? Get to know about its types

Ball bearings are classified into varied types on the basis of size and shape. The most common types of ball bearing are mentioned below:

  • Angular Contact Bearings
  • Conveyor Roller Bearing
  • Double Row Ball Bearings
  • Fag Ball Bearing
  • Double Row Spherical Roller Bearings
  • Deep Groove Ball Bearings, and more

What about Ball Bearing Functionalities?

Ball bearings are available in varied designs and sizes according to their usage. Given below are some common functions of the ball bearings:

  • Ball bearings are designed to minimize rotational friction. In short, it allows smoother rotation.
  • These specially designed bearings handle loads so that those loads can move easily in different directions. The loads supported by the ball bearings can be radial, or in an axial direction. It means that ball bearings can easily balance axial as well as radial loads.
  • As these bearings are small, hence they can carry lighter loads, but you may use more than one bearing in your application. So, before purchasing the bearing, it is better to first check whether it meets the specification or not and only then proceed further.

Featuring Points of Ball Bearings

As Ball bearings are highly versatile, they are widely used in various applications. Besides versatility, other prime features of the ball bearings include:

  • Low noise functionality
  • Used in high-speed application
  • Made from premium-grade steel, the ball bearings are highly durable
  • Excellent load capacity
  • Smooth operation
  • Easy-to maintain
  • Outstanding sealing shield
  • Support tilting moment
  • High tensile strength
  • Excellent corrosion-resistant property, etc.

A checklist of Ball Bearings Usages

  • Ball bearings are found useful in various home appliances including AC units, washing machines, dishwashers, etc.
  • Used in electricity generation in turbines
  • In the hard drive of your PC or laptop
  • Equipment used in offices such as photocopiers, etc.
  • Integrated into pumps, compressors, and electric motors which are used in wind and hydroelectric power plants

Ball bearings are highly-featured products and hence the company needs to take extreme care while designing the range.  So, always go with trustworthy manufacturers and suppliers of ball bearings in India for availing quality-tested products such as Labdhi Engineering Co. The company is associated with the manufacturing and trading of different types of ball bearings.

Wrap Up:

Ball bearings are the components used to minimize rotational friction between two rings and balance radial and axial loads. If you want a good quality ball bearing at industry leading price, you can trust Labdhi Engineering Co. The company has a worldwide sourcing network for supplying its quality products to the client’s end at multiple price points.  Connect with their team to gather more information about ball bearings and other industrial components.


Bearing Products Manufacturer in Mumbai, India – Labdhi Engineering

We manufacture a large variety of bearings and bearing components here at Labdhi Bearings, but the Bearing products Manufacturing can vary depending on what type of bearing we’re making.

While all of our bearings are designed to move while resisting rotational forces, they move in different ways based on the type and size of the bearing, which affects how it needs to be manufactured.

Here’s an example of how we manufacture our polymer-shielded thrust bearings to help you understand how we make all our bearings at Labdhi Bearings in India.

What is a bearing?

In a machine, a bearing is any device that enables free motion in a specified direction, used to reduce friction between moving parts and provide support for heavy components. They are usually circular rings with an outer ring (cup or cone) that contains moving parts and bearings inside.

In addition to their basic purpose as bearing devices, bearings may also be used to transmit force from one shaft or axle to another; in such cases, they are known as transmission elements. Bearings can also be designed for special purposes, such as vacuum systems, turbines, and gear drives.

Where you can use Bearings?

Bearings can be used in automobiles, airplanes, appliances, machinery, home furniture, construction equipment, farming equipment, and so on. Bearings are widely used in manufacturing industries. They play a vital role in making new products that have made our life more comfortable and convenient.

Most high-end equipment uses bearings. It is not possible to manufacture the equipment without using bearings. Manufacturers prefer using bearing products because it gives them better quality machines at less cost. This helps in increasing their profit margin and gaining a competitive advantage over other manufacturers.

Labdhi Bearings are known for their excellent performance standards when compared with other competitors available in the market.

Labdhi Bearings produces different types of bearings according to requirements like Self Lubricating Bearings, Thrust Ball Bearings, Taper Roller Bearings, etc. Each type has its own applications and is designed keeping a specific purpose in mind.

Why choose Labdhi Bearings?

Labdhi Bearings is a leader in manufacturing bearing products. Their products have been sold around different continents and they have major supply lines in markets. Labdhi Bearings is a well-known name that assures quality products with great performance.

They are committed to improving their services to customers by using new technologies, machinery, materials, processes, etc. They offer an extensive range of products including bearings, plain bearings, angular contact ball bearings, needle rollers, bearings, etc.

If you are looking for high-quality bearing products then Labdhi Bearings can be your first choice as they provide you with the best quality at affordable prices. So if you want to know more about the manufacturing of bearing products or want to buy high-quality bearing products then visit here https://labdhibearing.com/product-category/ball-bearing

Nut bolt dealers

Best Ways to Search Nut Bolt Dealers in Mumbai, India

An Overview of Nut Bolt Dealers in Mumbai, India. There are many businesses that are involved in the business of manufacturing and supplying various kinds of nuts and bolts to customers all over the country. When it comes to dealing with such products, Labdhi Bearing Company has emerged as one of the most trusted brands in this market today. If you want to know more about this company, along with its wide range of products and services, you can keep reading the article ahead.


You can find nut bolt dealers in India that can help you through each and every step of your project. As a rule, they are almost always qualified to guide you on construction best practices, as well as how to choose between various styles and materials. In addition, they can also assist with assembling all required building components, which is especially important if you don’t know what parts you need or how to assemble them correctly.


Common Mistakes Made While Choosing Nut Bolts

Bolts aren’t that expensive, but since their job is to hold large, sometimes heavy structures together for extended periods of time, it only makes sense to choose them carefully. As you consider your options, keep these common mistakes in mind. People who buy from nut bolt dealers in India can save a lot of money by buying nut bolts in bulk instead of purchasing them individually. Bulk quantities typically result in discounts, and larger nuts and bolts are more cost-effective than smaller ones because they require less material and labor to produce. These savings can be passed on to customers looking for cheap nuts and bolts online in India or locally at nut bolt dealers near me.


How to choose a good nut bolt dealer

Nut bolt dealers in India come from a wide range of backgrounds and fields, and so do their products. Therefore, it is important to not just look at the prices or availability when choosing one. Look at how they conduct their business, how they take care of customers who have bought from them before, and whether their shipping costs too much or not.


Why buy from Labdhi Bearings?

There are plenty of good reasons to buy from Labdhi Bearings. For example, you can rely on us for your nut bolt dealer in India’s needs as we have an incredible range of nuts and bolts, which we get from reliable vendors. We also understand that you may need nut bolt dealers in India urgently. This is why we offer next-day delivery and nationwide shipping service. To make it easier to buy from us, we accept a number of different methods including cash on delivery and credit card payments.




A short guide about Ball Bearings

A rolling-element bearing consisting of several freely revolving metal balls for maintaining the separation between two races or two concentric rings is called a “Ball Bearing”.  It works on the rolling friction principle and is used to carry radial and axial loads, reduce surface rotational friction, maintain surface contact, etc.

Before proceeding further, learn about the features of Ball Bearings

Common key features of Ball Bearing

Based on the design, functionalities and other characteristic features, ball bearings are classified into various types. Here, we discuss the common features present in each rolling bearing apart from being durable:

  • It uses grease with the dripping point of 195 degree
  • Support tilting moment
  • Control rotational as well as oscillatory motion
  • Reduce the friction
  • Can be used under a varied range of operating temperature
  • Carry high-speed load
  • Excellent sealing shield
  • Easy to maintain
  • Made up of hard metal
  • Used to reduce contact between surfaces
  • Increase the performance of motor, etc.

For availing of the rich-featured ball bearing, you can contact Labdhi Engineering Co, a reputed Ball Bearing Dealer in Mumbai, India.

Get Amazed with the Uses of Ball Bearings

Ball bearings are used in a variety of appliances used in daily life. Have a look

  • In-home appliances like air conditioning units, refrigerators, ovens, generators, dishwashers, washing and drying machines,
  • In the photocopiers and other office equipment’s
  • In the computer hard drive
  • In skateboards, bicycles, etc.

On the contrary, it is used in various industrial applications

  • For a generation of electricity in turbines
  • Integrated into compressors, pumps, and electric motors used in wind and hydroelectric power plants

Designing such kinds of high-featured products needs extreme care and industry experience. So, if you want to purchase ball bearings, always choose the product of a trustworthy company because only a reliable company provides a quality-tested range.

You can consider Labdhi Engineering Co. for availing of different types of ball bearings. The company has established its root in the market and became a leading Ball Bearing Dealer in Mumbai, India. So, without any doubt, you can consider their products available at economic rates.

The range of ball bearings offered by Labdhi Engineering Co. consists of:

  • Ball Bearings: Made with Chrome Steel, it is used in machinery to provide hassle-free operation
  • Fag Ball Bearing: It possesses low frictional torque and is hence suitable for high-speed applications.
  • Double Row Spherical Roller Bearings: Bear high load capacity for a long duration. It is used in critical dimensions for improving bearing performance.
  • Double Row Ball Bearings– Designed with strong metal and found useful in various industrial applications
  • Deep Groove Ball Bearings– Available in varied designs, these bearings are widely used in high-speed applications

Besides the above-mentioned, we also design and develop other kinds of bearings including:

  • Bearing Sleeve
  • Cylindrical Needle Roller Bearings
  • Axial Load Cylindrical Roller Bearings
  • Conveyor Roller Bearing
  • Angular Contact Bearings, and more

Wrap Up:

Ball Bearings are small hard balls used in machines to reduce friction between two rings or races. These products are widely used in making machines and other industrial applications. If you want to avail a versatile range of strong, durable and self-retaining ball bearings at a reasonable price, freely contact us at https://labdhibearing.com/.