Manufacturing of Hand Tools Products

An overview of different types of hand-tool products

These days a varied range of power tools are available for fast operation, but even then hand tools are used on a wide scale. This is because they are easy to use and they also prove to be a cost-effective option as compared to electric tools. Considering its increasing demand, many leading companies involved in the Manufacturing of Hand Tools Products start designing them on a large scale.

Take a look at some of the common hand tools:

Hand tools are available in different categories based on their functionality. Have a look at a few of the most common hand tools:

  • Hammers are one of the most common hand tools which are made from good quality tool steel and this tool is useful to apply a high force to a small area. There are different types of hammers like ball peen hammers, cross peen hammers, and straight peen hammers.
  • The second common hand tool is screwdrivers and the blades of the screwdrivers are of different lengths and widths. For turning bolts, pipes, nuts, etc. wrenches are used. There are different types of wrenches like the open end, closed-end and adjustable wrenches.
  • For holding the workpiece in place bench vise is used.
  • For sawing, purpose hacksaw saws are used.

These are some of the common types of hand tools and to get the best quality hand tools it is important to connect with a company that is known for Manufacturing of Hand Tools Products of superior quality.

Check out the benefits of hand tools:

Hand tools are designed to carry out an operation manually.  A craftsman can use this tool with his hand in chiseling, chopping, sawing, and other manual operation. Reasons for choosing hand tools for such kind of work are as follows:

  • These are light weighted tools that can be easily carried anywhere
  • High-precision tools
  • The operation of the hand tool has to be carried out manually.
  • As the working of these tools is in your hand, it proves to be a better and safer option than power tools.
  • It is easy to handle
  • These are cost-effective as compared to power tools

Purchasing a hand tool depends on your requirement. But honestly, if you are a good craftsman, you definitely have a combination of hand tools and power tools in your kit.

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